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When Nagging Goes Too Far It Becomes Intimidating (おねだりも度がすぎれば脅迫, Onedari mo do ga sugireba kyōhaku) is the one-hundred and twenty-fourth episode of the Gintama anime.


Otsu has overcome her past scandals and became Edo's top idol. And the release date of her new single has finally been announced! Shinpachi and her other fans are overjoyed at the news. But trouble arises right before the release. Otsu's music producer is late with the creation of her song and says the release will be postponed. Otsu is determined to not betray her fans and takes her own actions...


The episode revolves around a documentary involving the rise, fall, and then rise again of Otsuu's fame. Sequentially after Otsuu's final touring concert, she reveals that a new single will be released soon. Otsuu's fanbase then expresses their opinions about the announcement, which overall seemed positive. However, close to the deadline of the release to Otsuu's new single, it's revealed that the release date has to be delayed. This is because Tsunpo did not submit the song as soon as expected, due to his injuries during the Shinsengumi Crisis Arc. After a heated argument, about how to proceed, we learn more about Tsunpo's background. Livid by the predicament, Otsuu takes matters into her own hands and tries to compose her own new song but fails. Overburden with writer's block and feeling that she's become complacent over her fame. Otsuu goes on vacation to another planet where her identity is unknown. However, she's still unable to compose a new song.

Returning to Earth, she performs a duet with Kishimojin Haruna, promotes a new restaurant but still has no new song ready. Lamenting over her failure to compose a new song, her mother gathers everyone who helped her in the past to help inspire her. This works and Otsuu spends the entire night composing a new song. Although she finished composing the song, Otsuu feels that the lyrics don't seem quite right. Everyone then helps revise the newly composed song and on the night of its debut. Otsuu performs it live in concert and it's immediately banned.



  • Anime Ja Nai ~Yume o Wasureta Furui Chikyūjin yo~ (It's Not Anime ~You Antiquated Earthlings Who Have Forgotten Dreams~), is the first opening to Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ