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Always Keep a Screwdriver in Your Heart (いつも心に一本のドライバー, Itsumo kokoro ni ippon no doraibā) is the one-hundred and twenty-third episode of the Gintama anime.


Gintoki and the others have lost their clue about the gamer in the Monkey Hunter game. They gather for an offline meeting at a barbeque restaurant and try to devise a plan but are short on good ideas. And Katsura merely says “What we need right now is the determination to live as screwdrivers.” Will Gintoki and the others ever return to their original forms?!


The Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi hold an "Offline Meeting" at a BBQ restaurant to discuss their current situation. Gintoki immediately voices his disdain that for the past 3 weeks they haven't been able to solve their "Screwdriver problem. A brief scuffle then occurs between Gintoki and Hijikata and Kondou which is mediated by Shinapchi. Voicing another matter, Gintoki notes Hijikata and Okita's perplexing tactic, having their avatars look like the Amanto they're after. Refuting the claim, Hijikata defends the avatar tactic they used. Okita concurs, noting they've managed to catch a "Big Fish" because of it. At that moment, Katsura arrives and is immediately arrested by Hijikata. Claiming he has key information on the Amanto they're after, Katsura tries to use the information he has as a bargaining chip to be released. The Shinsengumi don't believe Katsura as he's notorious for his deception. So Katsura shows proof of his claim, revealing a picture of a poster for a truck driver job. Kagura and Okita then beat up Katsura for his false claim. The two chasting Katsura for his false claim, he admits that their endeavor is futile and they should accept their fate. Kondou refutes Katsura's claim and tries to put an optimistic spin on it. A female humanoid screw picture from Kondou falls onto the table. He discloses that the woman in the picture is a princess whom he'll meet with later for a marriage interview. With the meeting heading nowhere, it quietly ends with everyone feeling despondent.

Time passes and the lives of everyone affected by the screwdriver transformation are shown and how they've adjusted to their new lifestyles. Refusing to give up, Sarutobi searches for any information on the aliens for her own promiscuous reasons. Once Sarutobi finds a vital lead on the aliens. She meets with everyone affected by the screwdriver change and informs them of the amanto's location. Enthralled by this news, the Yorozuya head to the Amanto's location and crash their truck into their space ship. On the ship, Gintoki demands that the amanto stop it from flying and that they revert their screwdriver modifications. The Senpai Amanto refuses as the engine to the ship has been partially destroyed making it impossible to stop. Furthermore, as long as the ship's "Mother Brain" is still active the ship will continue flying. It's also impossible for them to dissemble with their screwdrivers. Contrary to the amanto's claim, Gintoki uses his screwdriver to dissemble the ship's Mother Brain and destroys it.