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Imagination is Nurtured in the 8th Grade (想像力は中2で培われる, Sōzō ryoku wa chū 2 de tsuchikawareru) is the one-hundred and twenty-second episode of the Gintama anime.


In order to turn their bodies back to normal after being turned into screwdrivers, Gintoki and the others play an online game to track down the Amanto supposedly responsible for their transformation. As soon as they begin, they disrupt the order in the game and are attacked by a powerful enemy. A certain hunter saves them from their desperate situation. This player appears to be a veteran hero, but in reality he’s been turned into a screwdriver just like Gintoki and the others. Soon the group encounters even more people who have be transformed screwdrivers. They all try to track down information about the Amanto culprit within the game, but…


The new player that rescued them from their predicament joins the Yorozuya who soon reveals himself as Katsura. Furthermore, Katsura and Elizabeth are in the exact predicament as the Yorozuya. When the identity of Katsura was revealed the group abandon him and as they're chased by Katsura, the run into another player. Katsura and the new player who shares a similar alias name as Katsura starts to fight with one another. The new player also turns out to be Kondou who also was transformed into a screwdriver. After they all disclose with one another that they've been transformed into a screwdriver. Katsura mentions that their only chance of solving their predicament is by finding the legendary hunter [M].

Following rumors of [M]'s last known location in District D-51 a dangerous area that even veteran players steer clear of. The group heads there in hopes to find the legendary player. It's there that they rescue a damsel in distress, who turns out to Sarutobi doing her thing. At that moment the group is ambushed by a giant monkey monster called Pao-Shan-Lung, which is immediately killed. The player who kills it was none other than [M] the legendary player. [M] lead the group to a dungeon while informing them about the recent surge in players who are searching for "alien players". Sarutobi also reveals that she was hired by the government to deal with the aliens. Once they reach the dungeon, [M] joins the group and reveals himself as Hasegawa.

At that moment the two amanto responsible for their transformations appear and are confronted by a monster that spawned from the dungeon. The aliens easily kill the monster though. With this in mind, Sarutobi, Kagura, and Gintoki try and join the two aliens and succeed. Kondou follows them inside the dungeon and appears before them nude. He tries to act like he's a fellow middle school student to the two amanto but is immediately killed by Gintoki. Katsura then tries to approach the group but is also killed by Gintoki. The two armanto are then revealed to be none other than Hijikata and Oikita. And of course, they too have transformed into drivers.



  • Absolute Terror Field from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Shadow which appears as "M" identity (on Episode 122 photo here) belongs to Zaraki Kenpachi (from Bleach)