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Novices Only Need A Flathead And A Phillips (素人はプラスとマイナスだけで十分だ, Shirōto wa purasu to mainasu dake de jūbun da) is the one-hundred and twenty-first episode of the Gintama anime.


One day, Gintoki and the others are lazing about like always when they realize Shinpachi's finger has been turned into a Phillips screwdriver. It seems to be the work of an Amanto, but Shinpachi is too busy freaking out. Soon they discover that Kagura and Gintoki have also been modified. The group try to catch the Amanto responsible, but their only clue is that he's hooked on a popular online game. The three immediately begin playing the game to track down the Amanto and demand he revert their bodies back to normal, but…


Gintoki and Shinpachi watch a newscast pertaining to alien abductions. The two briefly talk about it until the tv starts to become static. While Gintoki checks the tv and thinks he may have to open it up, Shinpachi reveals that his index finger is now a screwdriver. The revelation astonishes Shinpachi, while Gintoki thinks Shinpachi should have modified his arm to be like a gun. Shinpachi then recalls that one night, he was abducted by two Amanto. They transformed Shinpachi's finger into a screwdriver so one of them could fix his PS*. Finding Shinpachi's predicament humorous, Gintoki goes to use the toilet while Kagura wakes up as a giant flathead screwdriver. When Shinpachi tries to tell Gintoki about Kagura's appearance, it's revealed that Gintoki's thing has also been changed.

Later, the Yorozuya go to a net cafe and discuss their current matters. Ultimately it's decided that they'll need to play the online game MonHun in order to find the aliens responsible for transforming them. After creating a character that resembles him, Shinpachi runs into Gintoki's character who demands his balls. Soon they run into Kagura who previously ambushed another character and stole their equipment. When accosted by two pig guards on the matter, Gintoki and Kagura kill them, loot them, and roast them. The Yorozuya is then chased out of town by a swarm of admins while a hooded character watches them from the crowd.

With no chance of returning to the town to search for information, the Yorozuya decide to go monster hunting. This is in order to attract the attention of fellow players to exchange information with or find the amanto that changed them. Once this is decided, they're attacked by a monkey monster. Both attempts to stop the monster from chasing them are foiled by Kagura until another player rescues them.



  • Tieria Erde and Setsuna F. Seiei's hairstyle (from Gundam 00) can be seen in the character creation screen