The final episode in the Ryugu-jo Arc. With the entire gang now old and senile, will they save the world from the same fate and teach Otohime about true nature of beauty?


Gintoki and Katsura finish reading the computer journal and decide to help Otohime. As they leave, Urashima, his consciousness communicating through the ship's computer, asks for help to save Otohime and Shinpachi sees the antidote in the form of a missile.

On their way to the cannon, they are chased by the elderly turtle soldiers but are able to outpace them. Shinpachi joins them, carrying the antidote missile, and three of them begin the long climb up a spiral staircase, now chased by Otohime as well as the elderly turtles.


Otohime being delayed.

The now elderly Hasegawa, Kamenashi, Kyuubei, and Kagura all help slow Otohime down, but she is able to throw them off and prevent Gintoki and Katsura from loading the antidote into the cannon before it fires. As it falls, though, the antidote missile begins to leak, turning Gintoki and Katsura back to their young selves, and they punt the missile into the cannon, miraculously making it fire and spreading the antidote across Edo.


Kondou, Hijikata, and Urashima.

As the ship begins to deteriorate, Otohime gets crushed under a part of the cannon structure, ordering everyone to safety and to leave her. Everyone, including the turtles, decides to save her instead before the Ryugu Palace disintegrates into the ocean.

As some time has passed, Otohime opens a snack shop titled after the Palace, with Hijikata and Kondou become her regular customers. At the end of the episode, Urashima visits the shop, apparently having survived his fall into the ocean in the freezer capsule, and notes that Otohime is as beautiful as the last time he saw her.



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