After Kuriko is saved from her co-workers by Hijikata, she remembers him from the amusement park and atomatically believes they are dating. To avoid getting killed by Matsudaira, Hijikata has to figure out how to dump Kuriko without hurting her feelings... with a little help from the Yorozuya.


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  • By last time, Hijikata is referring to the second half of Episode 35, where Matsudaira stalked his daughter to an amusement park to assassinate his daughter's boyfriend.
  • This is parody of Golgo 13, the eponymous sniper and hitman of the manga series Golgo 13.
  • This is spoof of a popular Japanese brand of "Mayonnaise" called "Kewpie" (Q.P.) which has a similar Kewpie doll as its logo.
  • Kuriko is making several reference to One Piece.
  • A Suica is an card that can be used as a train paw and also as electric money in some stores.
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