At the beginning of the episode, Katsura uses the time to promote his birthday. In the main story, Gintoki finds ways to help Tama enjoy herself on her vacation.


Tama is given a break by Otose so that she could rest and learn to enjoy. However, Tama loves working and helping others and is clueless, so she asks Gintoki to help her loosen up. At first, Gintoki refuses but later on, he decides to take her to various places so that she can loosen up. The duo first head to Snack Smile, but they are kicked out by Otae when she discovers that Gintoki is exploiting Tama's money. Gintoki suggests Tama buy things that she liked and upon noticing Tama gazing at a box of screws, Gintoki decides to buy her one. They engage in various activities like singing and receiving massage. At the end of the day, she is seen drinking oil with Gintoki and later throws it up after drinking excess oil. While going back to the store, Tama sees some kids gathered around a game shouting that they can't play hit the mole. She realizes that as a robot she finds joy in helping people. She tells Gintoki that she will be late and to head home without her.

A day passes and Tama still does not arrive at home. Otose becomes worried and asks Gintoki where she is. Worried, Gintoki starts looking for her at the places that they visited. After searching at all the places, he recalls that he left her near a game store. While he is heading to the game store, he notices several children gathered around a playground. He finds that Tama has taken the role of mole and is playing whack-a-mole with the children. He is surprised to see Tama smile and laugh, and realizes that even a robot can smile like that. Gintoki starts to leave but is approached by Tama, who requests Gintoki to take her along with him the next time to loosen up again.



  • Katsura meant to say "nakama", which can be translated to companions or friends.
  • Katsura is twisting the word "nakama". Manaka is the main character from Ichigo 100%.
  • Mankana-A J-pop group comprising of twin sisters.
  • This song is from Kamen Rider.
  • This is a spoof of the Hunter x Hunter manga's long breaks.
  • Tama is singing the theme from Rocky.
  • "Neji" means Screw in Japanese.
  • This is a parody Kamen Eider.