Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (言わぬが花, Iwanuga Hana) is the one-hundred and eigth episode of the Gintama anime.


The recluse son of the Mashiroi Gang boss, Kaguzo, is hiding a shocking secret! Upon hearing the details, Gintoki points his sword at Nakamura. Attacked by retaliating gang members, Gintoki escapes and hides. Kaguzo collapses due to illness and the Mashiroi gang’s successor will soon be announced. Just as Nakamura is about to be crowned as Kaguzo’s successor, Gintoki suddenly barges onto the scene…


Kaguzou's funeral is held at his mansion and it's announced that his lieutenant Kyoujirou would be his successor. Later Kagura and Shinpachi inquire a yakuza the whereabouts of Gintoki but to no avail. Soon, Kyoujirou appears and listens to the two's plea for information about Gintoki's whereabouts. When Kyoujirou asks what Gintoki is to them, they answer that he's like family to them. Amused by the answer, Kyoujirou gives them a warning to not mess with Yakuza business and they're escorted off the compound.

Meanwhile, a clandestine meeting is held in regard to Kyoujirou taking over the Mashiroi family Yakuza. Elsewhere, Kyoujirou is approached by one of his men and is informed about becoming the family successor. The lackey informs him of his concern about the rumor spreading about him but Kyoujirou tells him to disregard it. A flashback is then shown of how Kyoujirou was adopted into the family and how he became Utsuzou's friend. Afterward, when he readies himself to perform the succession ceremony in front of the leaders of the various yakuza organizations. Gintoki's voice could then be heard as the yakuza leaders all pass out. Kyoujirou is then sent flying by Gintoki's Bokutō and although astonished he warns Gintoki that he won't leave there alive. As the men, he knocked out are all Yakuza lords. Gintoki, however, isn't going against Kyoujirou because of the Yakuza or anyone else. He's doing it because they're nothing without their sense of justice.

It's then revealed that they're surrounded by Yakuza because they've found out his secret because of the rumor. So instead of dying by their hands, Kyoujirou would rather die by Gintoki's having him be his second as he commits seppuku. Curious as to know if Kyoujirou truly plans to die, Kyoujirou reveals to Gintoki that he has nothing left to protect in his life. A flashback then reveals that 5 years ago Utsuzou hung himself in retaliation to his father's ways. Kyoujirou then faces off against the surrounding Yakuza and when he's wounded, Gintoki comes to his aide. The two then fight against the Yakuza side by side. Soon after Gintoki tries to act like a decoy for Kyoujirou to escape, he's shot in his back.

With Kyoujirou over his shoulder, Gintoki helps Kyoujirou walk through the streets of Edo promising to take him to a doctor. Kyoujirou though knows his time is up and is brought to Kaguzou's tomb where he dies with a smile on his face.



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