Love Is Often Played Out In Sudden Death (恋愛ってたいていサドンデス方式, Ren'aitte Taitei Sadondesu Hōshiki) is the one-hundred and sixth episode of the Gintama anime.


Amarao is the ace striker for the soccer team, FC Oedo. His retirement match is about to begin and he enthusiastically heads to the waiting room where his teammates await. But when he opens the doors, he sees his teammates have collapsed. The Odd Jobs has been working part-time as venders at the stadium. They accidentally gave the team a toxic drink after mistaking it for a sports drink. Taking responsibility, Gintoki quickly gathers up team members for the match. He rounds up the usual bunch, including Katsura and Hasegawa!


The F.C. Oedo pro-soccer player Amarao Daisaku readies himself make a goal as his team the Yorozuya and friends cheer him on. Less than 3 hours before the intro, it's learned that Kagura poisons nearly the entire F.C. Oedo with the dirty janitor water. As the upcoming game was to be his final as he's retiring from soccer. The Yorozuya make it up to Amarao by creating a last-minute makeshift team with their friends. Their friends, however, each have an obscure understanding of the game where they, "play with balls". Still missing a player on their team, Gintoki recruits the old man janitor as their last player.

Out on the field, Shinpachi notices that the opposing team all have the same face. Amaro answers that's because the members of the Ooedo Ambivalence team are pentadecuplets. With Amarou feeling pensive and lamenting that they have no chance of winning the cup, the game begins. Due to the F.C. Oedo's team's negligence and incompetence, the opposing team scores the first goal. After this, the game continues and Elizabeth as goalie manages to save the ball. Once the ball is returned to the field, the reason as to why Amarao is retiring is revealed. This causes his team to send him flying into the opposing side's goal. From there, the first half of the game ends.

After their, 'Warm-up' in the locker room and when Amarou was knocked out by Kagura in the second half of the game. Amarou wakes up and sees that the opposing team is leading against them 0-7. So Amarou talks with his team and reflects on his actions in his soccer career. It's when that Amarou gives a poignant speech, the team takes it more seriously. In the end, however, when Amarou has the ball, he doesn't manage to score a single point.



  • This is Echizen Ryoma's famous line from The Prince of Tennis.
  • Reference to Kin-chan's Cinema Jack.
  • Reference to the Morisaki twins Kouji and Kazuyuki who play for the J-League soccer team Sanfrecce Hiroshima.
  • This is a reference to Misugi Jun from Captain Tsubasa.
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