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Enshou was the warrior prince of Burei, known as "The Gunpowder Prince". Following the Altana incident that destroyed his home planet, he joined the Altana Liberation Army and became one of its alliance leaders alongside Shijaku. Following a failed bid to destroy the Earth, he was killed by one of his subordinates.


Enshou has red hair and a fish-tail like eyebrows.


Enshou's motivations were driven chiefly by the love he held for his late-wife and the subsequent grief upon learning of her death.



  • Enshou's wife: He knew his future-wife when she was still married to his older brother. Following the death of her first husband, the two married, and she soon became pregnant with their first child. Unknown to her, Enshou had played a role in her husband's death, as he had intentionally ignored his brother's distress call when his ship was being attacked. Having loved his brother's wife for some time, Enshou chose to abandon him so that he could be the one at her side. Seeing his wife bravely push through her grief brought great guilt and shame to Enshou such that he spent more and more time on the battlefield to avoid facing what he'd done. When she was killed along with the rest of his home planet, Enshou went on a suicidal mission to destroy the Earth though he knew that his targets, the Tendoshu, were already disposed of.

Friends & Allies[]

Former Enemies[]


Strength & Abilities[]

One-Man Army : Enshou was one of the most capable light saber wielders in the Universe. According to Shijaku, he was a hero of Burei and was said to be as mighty as ten thousand soldiers on the battlefield.

Double Weapon: His beam sabers could be joined together at the bottom of the hilt to form a double-bladed weapon, allowing him to wield it as a staff. The staff saber was capable of producing projectile-like beams which could directed by the controller.

Dual Wielding: He was proficient enough with the twin beam sabers to take on several enemies at once, such as Katsura Kotarou and Sakamoto Tatsuma who were both skillful warriors in their own right.


Silver Soul Arc[]


  • His name "Enshou" is pronounced in the same way as Yuan Shao (えんしょう) who is also called "Enshou" in Japanese, but with different characters (袁紹). Yuan Shao was a warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.


Fight Outcome Time it Occurred
Enshou vs. Katsura Kotarou and Elizabeth Interupted Lesson 644
Enshou vs. Katsura Kotarou and Sakamoto Tatsuma Interupted Lesson 645
Enshou vs. Takasugi Shinsuke, Katsura Kotarou and Sakamoto Tatsuma Loss Lesson 645-646