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The Dobunezumi Group (溝鼠組) is a group of yakuza founded and led by Doromizu Jirochou 泥水 次郎長, that appeared in the Male Host club mini-arc and the 4 Devas arc . They were led by Doromizu Jirochou 泥水 次郎長 before he stepped down from his position during the 4 Devas arc, with Kurogoma Katsuo 黒駒 勝男 as the junior leader.


Doromizu-jirochou mug.jpg
Doromizu Jirochou
泥水 次郎長
Kurogoma-katsuo mug.jpg
Kurogoma Katsuo
黒駒 勝男
Pirako Chin Profile.png
Chin Pirako