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Dekobokko Arc is the 53rd arc in Gintama.


A fortuneteller on the roadside talks to Kyubei about her worries to live as a man or a woman. After a sudden flash of light in the sky, all the citizens of Kabukicho swapped... genders!?


A witch of a sect talks with Kyubei their concerns to live as a man or a woman. After a sudden flash of light in the sky, all citizens of Kabukicho swapped genders. All but Otae who was traveling and Shinpachi; he's only changed his lenses. Hijikata with his gender change fattened and therefore accumulated fat mayonnaise that he(now she's) called pork by everyone, and the situation continues as usual in Kabukichou. The plan is to destroy the cameras that monitoring throughout all the city for this and Tsukuyo and Sa-chan appear in their masculine version destroying all the cameras at once.

Subterrana reaches the base of the cult, when the leader decides to send another flash to get Kabukichou back to normal, but they did not. At the end were the ones who could not change gender, that's when they get tickets for travel to the next planet where lightning launched and so reverses the gender change. Everything returns to normal and all the characters enjoy reminiscing through a movie that shows that it's better to love yourself the way you are.

Japanese VA[]

with this arc there have been a lot of changes in Voice Actors :

Ginko Sakata (Gintoki) - Haruka Tomatsu

Kagura Dun (Kagura) - Kōji Ishii

Goriko Kondo (Isao) - Chiaki Takahashi

Souko Okita (Sougo) - Shizuka Itō

Ayao Sarutobi (Sachan) - Kazuyuki Okitsu

Tsukuo (Tsukuyo) - Takanori Hoshino


Gender-bent character[]


  • Shinpachi and Otae are the only characters that do not switch their gender.
  • Ginko/Gintoki and Kagura/Kagura Dun's appearances shares a resemblance to their avatar counterparts in Monkey Hunter Arc.
  • In this Arc the cast members are replaced by Gender Bender casts.
  • Kyuubei's voice actress Fumiko Orikasa is the only main cast member of this Arc as Jyuubei.