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Character Poll Arc is the 30th arc in Gintama.


After the second character popularity poll is released, Shinpachi sits alone in a restaurant bemoaning his placing in 8th. Yamazaki approaches him from behind and consoles him by saying that characters like them are like the dirt - plain, and unnoticed, but they help beautiful flowers bloom. Soon afterwards, Yamazaki is stripped naked and beaten by an unknown villain. The humiliation causes Yamazaki's ranking to drop drastically, warning Shinpachi of an unknown villain who is trying to reach the top of the character polls by taking out everybody above him.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Shimura Shinpachi
  2. Yamazaki Sagaru (Main antagonist)
  3. Takasugi Shinsuke (character poll)
  4. Kamui (character poll)
  5. Sakamoto Tatsuma (character poll)
  6. Sarutobi Ayame
  7. Shimura Tae
  8. Justaway (character poll)
  9. Sorachi Hideaki (character poll)
  10. Yagyuu Kyuubei
  11. Otose
  12. Catherine
  13. Sakata Gintoki
  14. Sougo Okita
  15. Kagura
  16. Hijikata Toushirou
  17. Hasegawa Taizou
  18. Kondou Isao
  19. Katsura Kotarou
  20. Sadaharu
  21. Elizabeth
  22. Tsukuyo


  • Starfront Coffee is a parody of Starbucks Coffee.
  • At the time this episode was broastcasted, the anime Sengoku BASARA was premiering its second season. Since Kazuya Nakai (Hijikata's voice actor) voices Date Masamune in there, this is why Otae asked Hijikata to "celebrate the second season" and tried to get him to say "Let's Party"; a phrase that's common to Date Masamune.