Catherine キャサリン, also known as Latchkey Catherine, is an Amanto currently employed at Otose's Snack House. She used to be a cat burglar by profession and has a prison record to her name. However, she is determined to turn over a new leaf after making a promise with Otose to never steal again, as Otose stated in Episode 97. She often visits the Yorozuya to collect rent.


She wears a green kimono, has straight, black hair and distinctive cat ears.


Catherine talks with an accent. She is loyal to Otose, but looks down on the Yorozuya, often scolding them and telling them to do their job (Otose hires them for cleaning duties when they can't pay their rent), even though she is supposed to do it herself aswell.


Catherine used to be with a group of thieves calling themselves Cat's Punch キャッツパンチ, alongside their leader Kurikan クリカン, however she would soon leave them and head for Earth and Edo where she met Otose. Otose hired Catherine to work for her in her bar, Otose's Snack House. But when it came to light that Catherine had been making nightly runs stealing from various shops and bars in Kabuki District, including Otose's Snack House, Catherine went to jail. However, later when she was released, she came back to Otose and made a promise with her never to steal again, and so she was rehired and is currently working at Otose's Snack House.verification/corroboration needed


  • As a former thief, Catherine has been used in various spoofs of Lupin III, as seen in Episode 97.


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