Ane, along with her younger twin sister Mone 百音 and the Inugami 狛神, Sadaharu 定春 and Komako 狛子 were in charge of protecting the Koryuumon, the largest Dragon Hole (龍穴, ryuuketsu), which directs the energy flow of the planet. The Amanto, however, built the Terminal right on top of it, driving the sisters out of business. Since then, Ane has been working as a hostess at 'Snack Smile', where she, along with Shimura Tae 志村 妙, attracts the most customers by using her priestess image, something her sister disapproves of.


Ane has long, black hair reaching the middle of her back, tied at the end. She has a parted fringe, with a strand of hair on each side of her face, which she also ties sometimes. She is seen at all times to wear typical priestess clothing, red hakama and a white haori.


She think very lowly of men, placing them inferior to dogs. She supports this by how they always seek her simply for acting cute and wearing priestess robes.

Ane has shown to be fiercly competative as seen during her money-raising race with Otae when she resorted to blackmailing her customer, Matsudaira Katakuriko 松平 片栗虎 of all people, into spending more money or she'd tell his wife.

Even though she bitterly argues with her sister, she cares deeply for her and is concerned for her safety. She is also regretful for abandoning Sadaharu and offers to take him back.


Ane and Mone first appear when they see the news of Sadaharu's sudden growth and quickly rush to the Yorozuya to help. It is then that they reveal the Yorozuya's mascot's true nature and offer their assistance in returning him to normal. After failing to perfom the incantation, they resort to throwing a baseball to draw a pentagram while trapping Sadaharu in the middle, changing him back.

Some time later, Ane and Tae get into an argument over how the latter treats the former's customers. The owner of the club then declares a race between the two to see who could gather more money, with the loser having to leave the bar. Ultimately, they both perform outstanding and neither is kicked out.


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