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He is a member of the 7th Division of Harusame's Thunder Guns, the most powerful combat unit under Captain Kamui's leadership, within the Harusame group.


He has brown hay coloured hair. He wears a cloak at the top of his dark gray uniform.


Abuto treasures his own kind, those of Yato blood, and dislikes fighting other Yatos, though it goes against his Yato nature. He sees life as a series of questions with right and wrong answers and seems to believe standing by one's own decisions. Despite having fought Kagura and Shinpachi, he eventually decides to save them from a fall, showing that he might have a soft spot for his juniors.


Yoshiwara in Flames Arc

Lost his left arm when he tried to stop Housen from fighting Kamui. His fellow comrade Ungyou was killed by Kamui when he tried to stop Kamui's end.

His own fight with Kamui's younger sister, Kagura, eventually led to her Yato nature's re-awakening, unleashing her true power and strength in Episode 142. He ultimately remains alive at the end of arc, even after the high fall, going back with Kamui.

Kabukicho Four Devas Arc

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  • Abuto was supposed to die during the Yoshiwara arc, but Sorachi decided to keep him alive due to the fact he got used to keep drawing him.
  • He sustained the same left arm amputation from Housen that Umibozu did from his son Kamui, who killed Abuto's teammate Ungyou at same the time when the two tried to interfere in a battle between Housen and Kamui..
  • Kamui once noted that he maybe lost his fight with Kagura only because he was holding back his true strength. He answered that he dosn't recall holding back, but felt that it was such a waste to end such a talent in a place like Yoshiwara.


  • (To Kamui)Aren't you so critical. I worked my butt off you know? After all, I was against a young lady capable of beating the King of the Night. Right, Big Brother?
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