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The 4 Devas of the Kabuki District (かぶき町四天王, kabuki chou shitennou) are the de facto 'overlords' in the Kabuki District. Shimura Shinpachi mentioned that they are the pillars of the Kabuki District.


  • Empress Otose, currently only known to operate the pub called 'Snack Otose', who occasionally intervenes in matters involving the yakuza and residents.



Kurogoma Katsuo
黒駒 勝男
Shimura Tae
志村 妙
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Sakata Gintoki
坂田 銀時
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Doromizu-jirochou mug.jpg
Doromizu Jirochou
泥水 次郎長
Kujaku-hime mug.png
Kujaku Hime Kada
孔雀姫 華陀
Otose mug.jpg
Saigou-tokumori mug.png
Saigou Tokumori
西郷 特盛


After the Kabuki District war, 'The 4 Devas of the Kabuki District' balance of power was fragile and is beginning to crumble.
Kujaku Hime Kada escaped Earth but ended up captured by the Harusame. Doromizu Jirochou accepted Otose words and decided to retire and reunite with his daughter. Tokumori decided to retire as well to take care of his sons and his subordinates.

A while later, the new four Devas of the next generation were decided by the previous ones. Otose forced Sakata Gintoki to take her place, as he was well known as a highly skilled samurai who protected Otose and made her a dangerous and highly regarded Deva, but also because he was the most important person during the Kabuki District war. Tokumori and Jirocho decided to make their strongest and most loyal subordinates take their place, thus Katsuo became the new Deva representing the Yakuza, while Azumi became the new Deva representing the Drag Queens. Finally, Otose and Tokumori asked Tae to become Kujaku Hime Kada's successor and join the four Devas due to her outstanding performance during the Kabuki District war. Presumably they also wished her to become one of the four Devas because Tae is allied with the Yagyuu clan and the Shinsengumi, due to the Shinsengumi's leader and the Yagyuu clan's leader being deeply in love and overly protective towards Tae.