The items featured in Gintama range far and wide from traditional japanese items to incredible sci-fi machinations. Being based in ancient Japan after its invasion by aliens, the series manages to mix more historic items such as katana and traditonal style architecture with modern ideas like convenience stores, mopeds and television, not to mention the rather liberal application of science fiction, primarily Edo's terminal station which features high tech design, numberous airships nearby and some form of teleporter system. Over all, Gintama somehow manages to bring together these three styles into the working world of Gintoki and his friends

จัสท์อะเวย์ JustawayEdit

จัสต์อะเวย์ (Justaway / ジャスタウェイ) is a merchandise-line of dull looking figurines created by Banzou. In truth these small toys are actually destructive bombs that Banzou sells to the Jouishishi without attracting the attention of the Shinsengumi as they only appear to be harmless toys.