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• 9/24/2018

11:18 episode 190

There's a song that plays at 11:18 in episode 190 the kabukicho stray cat arc i tried searching for it but didn't find anything anyone know the name of the song? Thanks
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• 4/21/2018

"Final" Arc

Are these past chapters still part of Silver Soul Arc??
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• 3/12/2018

I don't ship them but...

Now that Yamazaki has become rob... MOBcop, doesn't it mean he has more of a chance with Tama??
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• 3/4/2018


so what do u think is better otae and kondo or otae and kuybei ?!
i personally prefer kondo
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• 1/30/2018

Gin and the butterfly effect

What if Gin never met his master, would he be as strong as he is in present day?
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• 12/18/2017

Discussion Start

Simply put, I have now opened a discussion page, where users can talk about anything Gintama but keep in mind the Guideline rules and be respectful to one another.
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